Graduation Portrait

Congratulations to all the students who are graduating in Nov 2020 or May 2021!


Like previous years, Evangelos Photography ( is in charge of the composite that will be placed on the wall in the CEME corridor. They will click the pictures, combine the November and May graduates together, and then send over the composite to us to be put up on the wall.

To get your photos clicked, please book an appointment on their website. For more details, their information slip can be viewed at

The cost per student is $39.99+taxes. This includes the cost of taking your picture, preparing the composite, framing, etc.

If you have already left Vancouver, you can email them your three HD photographs and other relevant details such as your name and program. Their email address is  Please remember to mark CEGSS President ( on those emails, as they won’t process your request without approval from the CEGSS. This is due to some unfortunate incidents in the past. You will be charged $75.99+taxes for this, as they will need to make major adjustments to your photos.

Please email us at if you have any questions.